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Composer Serge Noskov Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021, 12:03:55
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Here are some links you may find interesting.  They are to my friends' websites, to some other sites about me, or my music, or Komi culture, or... just some sites - you never know what surprise might startle you... ;-),

Link to my other site, where you can purchase some of my music sheets:

Link to the site of Rossotrudnichestvo, which has some photos from my recital, which took place on the 24th of January 2013 in London:

Links to some of my other pages and those of my friends (not all of them are musicians :-) Facebook

Just recently started: RuTube

Link to my page on: MySpace.

Very interesting, but limited only to those who knows komi language - http://www.xn--90aenhhdne.xn--p1ai

A link to the website Soundcloud here or here - a lot of interesting songs there...

Link to a page on the site - there is a photo presentation of the opera "Kuratov" created by photographer Vit Serguievsky:

Alternatively you can download all those pictures as a zip file from here:

Here is the link to the Wikipedia - there are some more interesting links on their page:

Here is the link to the Wikipedia in french:

Also there are two more links to other french sites.
The first one is about the premiere of the opera "Kuratov" in Syktyvkar and Komi in general:

And the second one is to a very good page about Komi music, composers, musical instruments:

Here is the link to British Academy of Composers and Songwriters: BASCA

This link is to the Russian site of my friend and colleague Vladimir Zyrianov:

This link is to the Russian site of my friend and colleague Larisa Byrenkova:

Here is the link to the site about Komi Republic:

and its capital: Syktyvkar

most of the links to Serge Noskov's music and other sites are here: Studio 17

this link is for Russian speaking: 7x7

A downloadable article about the opera Kuratov De Serge Noskov

A page on the site onlineshowreels

A short article in the newspaper "Krasnoye Znamia" about me, not dressed properly while receiving State Prize of Komi Republic:here

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