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Composer Serge Noskov Sunday, 05 Dec 2021, 19:27:31
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New song for those who know Russian language. It is called "Guest", the lyrics by Alexandr Shinenkov. 

Another song in Russian. It is called "Valkyrie", the lyrics, again, by Alexandr Shinenkov.  You can also see a video with this song (made with photos) on Youtube here.

New recording of the song "Love Game" (it is in Russian though, pending translation into English, and yes - written before, as you can guess).  Lyrics, with new amendments - my own as well.
Performed together with Irina Kara.

"Bloody Men".  Lyrics by Wendy Cope, performed by Irina Kara, recorded and mastered in my studio.

Album of songs in Komi language "Ura-Tara":

"My Soul Dreams", lyrics my own as well)))

Rock-ballad "Heather Ale". Written on the ballad by Robert Stevenson "Heather Ale: A Galloway Legend".

you can also have a listen and see a cartoon of it here

New arrangement of a song "Kor mi kykon". Lyrics by Albert Vaneyev (in Komi language):

"Together Tonight. Hopefully some DJ may like it enough to include it into his collection.  You can also see a video of it here.
There is a version of this song in Russian language on my page of Utube here.

A song about town Syktyvkar where I am from.  Text by I.Vavilov.  Performed by my good friend Irina Kara

A new arrangement for my song "Anthem to the Luck".  It is in Russian, lyrics by George Pozhenian.  Here it is:

This album, which I wrote about 6 years ago, is called "Coming back to myself".  It is in Russian, and initially I have done it for a voice and a guitar.  Some accompaniment was added later.  Here it is:

The next album is called "Mayakovsky Rocks".  It is also in Russian.  It was written in the genre of Art-rock, which here it includes quite a few genres in itself, including some principles of Japanese Kabuki threatre and some others.  But let the critics decide.  Here are only three pieces of the album.
The first one is called "At the Barbers":

The next one - "Port":

The last one - "Tonight decides":

The next song - "When Together".  Initially it was written in Komi language on the lyrics by Albert Vaneyev, who is also the author of lyrics for my opera "Kuratov".  I rather like his poetry, actually.  So, here this song is in English, performed by my friend Leon Donnelly:



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