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Composer Serge Noskov Sunday, 05 Dec 2021, 19:24:58
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Here is the music which is impossible to categorise.  In general you could call it - easy listening... I do not mind...

Here they are.  The first one is called "A Dog and His Lady":

This one is a sample of new genre in my portfolio, which is actually quite rare in general - a musical portrait.  Some knowledge of psychology, astrology, a good deal of intuition and, of course, all the knowledge of music one can have is applied.  Have a listen:

The next one is rather long one.  It is called "Meditation in 3 cords".  The best way to listen it is to sit back in a recliner and let yourself go...

The next one is called "Pinot Noire".  You can guess where is the name came from... ;-)

"Samba" is the name of the next music.  It is not actually a samba in a strict sense of it, but some inspired choreographers suggested this name.  Decide for yourself:

Continuing this Latin trend here is another one from there - "Tango":

From the South America back to Russia.  "The Moscow nights" is the name of the next piece:

I was watching the "The Nutcracker" in Covent Garden.  It was very boring.  In the interval I have bought myself a large glass of red and started scribbling on a napkin... Here you can hear the result:

Now, to calm down, here is the "Elle-ghia":

This one is an example of how to take life easy - "Sunday Afternoon Stroll":

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