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Composer Serge Noskov Friday, 15 Nov 2019, 19:54:58
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 Videos with Serge's music

New song - "Christmas Shopping"

"Bagels" - paraphrase for violin and piano on a folk tune.  Performed by Masha Noskova (10 y.o.) and Elvira Gavrilova on the 24th of December 2014.


Some records made at my recital on the 24th of January 2013 in London:

String Quartet No1, performed  by John Haworth, Matt Bain, Jose Manuel Gandia, Gregory Duggan.


"The Last Dance of a Christmas Turkey"

New arrangement for a viola and piano of a second movement of a Suite for symphony orchestra "Adventures of Christmas Turkey".
Performed by Jose Manuel Gandia on viola and Elvira Gavrilova on piano, also at my recital.

A song from unfinished opera

Lyrics by Alexia Mankovskaya. Performed for the first time by Alexia at my recital, held on the 24th of January in London.

"Dance Lesson"

Fantasy-animation (Masha's school project)

"Two Flowers"

Butoh performance video made by Latvian TV7, released in 2008. Performers: butoh artist, author - Simona Orinska, co-author, artist - Modris Tenisons, butoh artist - Skardra Jancaite, video art - Liga Stibe:

"Les Avort├ęs"

French film previously release back in 1970. It had no music in it, just occasional chaotic drums and some droning noises. I liked the film and decided to complete it with my music.  Here is the result:

Another new song in Komi language.
This is normal video player, with the buttons.

"Kyv ni dzhyn"

New song in Komi language.

"My Soul Dreams"

Remember your first love?

"Together Tonight"

Song about... love? vampires? vampiric love? - you decide (must be joking, right?)
Lyrics and mysic by me, pictures are taken from Google's royalty free picture cathalogue.

"Heather Ale", rock ballad

Lyrics by Robert Stevenson, my own adaptation of an animated film of a Kiev film studio.

"Syktyvkar", song

Just finished making a clip of my song "Syktyvkar", lyrics by Igor

Performed by Irina Karacheva.

Photographs by:

Dmitry Napalkov, Sergei Pokrovsky, Serge Noskov.


lyrics by Sergei Michalkov, performed by choire "Sokoliata" under Conductor and Art Director,  Laureate of International Competitions and Festivals Sergei Shesterikov. 
The recording was made during International  Choir Competition in Tallinn, Estonia.  By the way - they got the Gran Prix there...

"Kuratov" - opera

The opera has been commissioned by the State Opera and Ballet Theatre of Komi Republic. The premiere took place in Syktyvkar on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2009. The opera is in Russian and Komi language.
There is no space to place the whole opera so I included only fragments of it. You can also watch them in YouTube.

Here is the beginning - the action here is happening in modern days. A Poet, creating a libretto of an opera about Ivan Kuratov - another poet who lived in 19th century Komi, is having a writers block. As usual (or may be not THAT usual), his Muze comes to help. And they have a little creative argument about how to proceed further. Here is how it goes:


The next fragment is happening in 19th century - Kuratov is in Ust-Sysolsk (the name of Syktyvkar in 19th century).
In this aria "Komi Kyv" he is expressing his love for Komi language.


The next fragment shows Voinaralsky (political exile) sings his love to a local girl Maria.


Here Maria answers back:


This fragment shows Duet of Levitsky (local poliseman) and his sidekick Spiridon.
Another name for this Duet is "Drunken Duet":


Sandra's aria "Eshke una tai"


Voinaralsky's "Couplets":

Antonina's cry:

Choire "Micha Zon":

Trio "Kuim Pozhem":

Sandra's aria "Kod vylo"


There are some more clips from the opera on my page of the YouTube website.  To listen to them click here .






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