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Composer Serge Noskov Thursday, 27 Feb 2020, 11:43:51
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Dragged by the crowd

Towards  a Big Gate

He wished to escape

He wanted to get out

And go His Own Way…


But never ever could.


And only much later

He would’ve understood:

The Path he craved after

Was leading to Abyss…




He loved to open Doors

And get an easy access

To other people’s hearts


It looked as if he had

A Golden Master Key…


But once becoming bored

He turned to himself…


And all his huge experience

He couldn’t put to use

To open own lock…




He knocked at her door

With a delicate bunch

Of most beautiful words

In his heart.


But her answer was slow

And his flame was so high…


When she finally made up her mind

And decided to open the door…


It was only to find

A pile of ash on the floor…




He was brought to a Palace and told

That behind one of those many doors

There was treasure for him,

There was something to dream,

There was something

He dreamt about.


The boy was rushing to find –

Was in hurry to get –

Running up, running down the floors…


And at last it’s been done:

All the rooms have been checked

And he opened the last of the doors…


There was a beautiful room

Full of interesting toys –

Of all things he had dreamt

But then…


He saw up from the mirror

On the opposite wall

He was looked at








Climbing up the mountain




Through many doors

Obstructing his way


Every one of them would rather

Open differently from each other


And there is one more ahead

The last one before the top

And it is already opened…


But he has no strength left

To step over the threshold

So he just lay down




Woke up.

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